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What We Do

Architectural Drawing

At Blarc Contractors, we give to you stuning architectural designs that suits modern day trends in building drawings. As professionals with an avalanche of experience spanning over a decade, we carry out state of the the art designs with modern technological tools that measure up to the standards you demand. All we need is your imagination. We draw as you imagine.

Building Construction

We are foremost in high quality designs & construction of buildings. We have distinguished ourselves as stand out in areas of construction, designs, management and installation. We use the best quality in building materials to deliver to you, your dream property. We give your money value by ensuring every penny spent is given it’s worth. Our service delivery is top notch and second to none. Our clients feedback speaks for us.

Estate Management

As estate managers we consider all factors that will affect your property. These include; economic, legal, social and technological factors. We care for your property so much that we treat it as ours. We’re committed to giving value to your money. To this end, integrity and high quality service delivery make up our core values at Blarc Contractors. Your real estate investments with the highest yield.

How We Work

  • Meet & Discuss
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Build
  • Deliver Project

1.Meet up

We are keenly interested in listening and interacting with our clients directly. A meet up will give us a clear insight into how best you will like your services be delivered, one we are always here to discharge. A tour of properties and construction sites along with you allows us to design and construct a home that is integral and inseparable with the landscape and/or topography. Your property will fit in, creating an impression as though it has always been there from scratch.

2. Webinars

As a 21st century company that is technology driven, we organise webinars with our clients showcasing some new additions, innovative designs, properties within their geographical sphere and also listening to their feedback. This we believe will go a long way in improving our service delivery. Webiners are periodically organized based on our latest products and services.

3. Social Media interaction.

With the world wide web becoming a global village, we believe the social media is one meeting point which can always be conducive and easy for our customers on these platforms. We are ready to interact with you across all platforms 24/7. Check out our contact section to select which platform you will find best to interact with us.

Once we fully understand the site, we start sketching by hand, the way we think all great designs should begin. While we integrate computer modeling and rendering programs into our process of design, we believe there’s a special connection between the brain and the hand. “Hand sketches are the only way to think fluidly,” says Gabriel. “As you sketch, you discover what you’re drawing. When you draft, you’re documenting what you thought. These are fundamentally different processes.”


Our peak intensity is in creating and maintaining the vision of the project. As stewards for the team’s common forethought for the project, we conduct that dream through the figure development as we tackle challenges, book improvement of opportunities and come across the desires of accomplishing the task delivery when due.

Over the years, we have carved a niche and expertise in this line of job. Speedy completion and delivery of project is a top priority to us. This, however does not put the quality of your project work into jeopardy . Full architectural service, half way through the the design or starting afresh, we are ever determined to satisfactory delivery. The interactions we establish within our design and development team steers us through each project successfully.

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